In DMA’s new industry guest feature series, DMA invites industry specialists from all over the Australian dance music scene to tell their story and provide appropriate industry insight and knowledge. Our first guest feature is written by Nancy Lipman, founder of the Australian artist agency, Mohawk.

Article Written by Nancy Lipman  

After years of being a an obsessed dance music fan, DJ and Producer / DJ Hussy, I woke up to myself threw in the corporate towel and decided to start a business completely dedicated to electronic music.

MOHAWK was born – an agency and coaching company that mentors artist and books them around the globe. It has been a journey with endless obstacles and walls to breakthrough however I am so passionate about my mission and I believe with the right mindset anything is possible. (That’s what all the personal development gurus say anyway!). I am writing this article to share how insane it has been and how you too can throw in the towel and make your music dreams a reality.

You know that feeling when you spend less and less time on producing music and practising DJing and more time working in a job, building someone else’s dream becoming less confident in your ability, self-esteem goes down and ultimately you feel terrible. This is because you know what you want however you have no idea how to turn it around.

I have been coaching artists’ for years on how to break into the industry in 6 weeks. Bedroom producers who have been hibernating for years are signing tracks to labels and being booked to play gigs. What’s the difference between now and 6 weeks ago? MINDSET.

Mindset and creating a clear defined path with a community around you is the only way to break free of your negative gearing. On a scale of 1 – 10 how much do you believe in yourself?

I recall when I left my job to fulfil my new role as an aspiring entrepreneur, all systems go, full of positive attitude, a skip in my step and then a few hideous knocks and bang I was down. Much of the time our success is about getting up again and persevering. Fast – forward 6 years after a thousand set backs and we are on fire!

What about all those times you have started to produce a track and just when you are almost finished you become so over listening to it you stop. All that hard work, what for? That track could be signed to a label in a few weeks. This happens often with our clients.

We find that most of us especially creative minds can get bored easily, lack focus, belief in self, have paralysing self-doubt and in the end give in to our full potential and dreams.

With some serious kick up at the ass, a defined path, belief and confidence, mastered tracks and a community of over 500 artists and producers, you can create a career with your music.

If this article resonates with you check out Mohawk’s website.


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