DMA recently caught up with one of the most exciting up-and-coming artists in the Australian Electronic Dance Music scene, on what it’s like to rise successfully through the ranks of Australia’s annual “YourShot” competition and what’s it like to be rewarded for all your hard work and talent in the midst of launching your music artist career.   

Artist Name: AURA

Real Name: Indiana
Hometown: Brisbane
Currently Reside: Brisbane
Genre: Various styles of Trance

DMA: Tell us about your musical journey up until now?

AURA: I first started DJing as part of participating in the annual YourShot competition back in 2015. After an exciting phase of my life and coming runners-up in the QLD division. I then performed at the Normanby Hotel in Brisbane twice supporting the likes of A-Tonez, Bombs Away, Chardy and others.

After a couple of months away from behind the decks and really focusing and concentrating on producing, I am now heading back behind the decks again, supporting some amazing international artists over the next couple of weeks! I look forward to seeing what the rest of 2016 brings!

DMA: What has been your most memorable event?

AURA: My most memorable event was definitely my first event, the YourShot series in 2015; it was the first time I experienced the rush you get from being on stage preforming in front of an audience live and probably one of the best experiences I have ever felt before! I am pretty excited about 2016 though and what other memories and awesome experiences I’ll have in the near future!

DMA: As an artist you meet many interesting individuals, as music brings creative minds together. Who are some of the creative minds you have met through the music scene in Australia?

AURA: I have already been lucky enough to meet one of my greatest musical influences, David Gravell. I was lucky enough to spend about an hour talking to him about DJing and being an international producer. It was absolutely amazing and I definitely learnt some valuable tips that I am now using myself!

DMA: When you are not working on music, where do you direct your energy?

AURA: I direct the majority of my efforts while not DJing and creating music towards completing my Bachelor of Primary education which of course I’m looking forward to finishing soon! Other than that I really do focus on the music and concentrating on some of my latest mixes and productions that I’m currently working on!

DMA: If you could play in any geographic location in Australia, where would it be and why?

AURA: I would almost die and probably cry mid set if I ever got to play in Sydney or Melbourne at A State of Trance! Would definitely be a lifetime highlight for sure!

DMA: Who are your four biggest influences in your life and why?


My father – he has always been there for me and supported me in every which way regardless of the circumstance. He has provided me with all of this support while having a rare back disease. My father is my biggest influence and I will always be eternally grateful for everything he has done.

Andrew Rayel – Musically his old sound has always been one of my biggest influences in trance. I would consider Zeus the best song of all time!

My sister and my boyfriend – Definitely another 2 of my biggest influences, they can both really irritate me at times, however at the end of the day they both care for me and would have to be the funding behind my music career thus far.

Keep following AURA’s music journey here.

Listen to Episode 2 of AURA’s new mix series ‘Embrace the Aura’ below.


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