moritzoPaul Moritz is no stranger when it comes to being behind the hollowed decks at many of Sydney’s dance music havens. From progressive house and trance to the deeper house sounds, Moritz astutely has covered all his bases, delivering sets full of energy and technical complexity to a diverse range of different audiences. With a matured, well thought-out vision of how he wants everyone of his sets to progress, Moritz has always aimed to both entertain but also educate the crowd, as he takes them on a charismatic journey in front of him.

Under his new alias, Moritzio, Moritz will now further explore the deeper progressive and tech sounds of the dance music spectrum, which have recently drawn his attention. Aspiring to deliver sets which are more indicative of the cutting edge sounds of artists such as Pryda (Prydz), Olander, Capuano, Bodzin, Mind Against and other smaller unique artists with similar particular acclaimed sounds.

With a technical acumen that is highly praised amongst his peers and a solid foundation in terms of persistence and determination in only ever wanting to deliver productions of the highest quality, he definitely encompasses all the attributes of possibly being Australia’s own Eric Prydz.

For the meantime though, we are proud to present his latest Moritzio set from his ‘Cause & Effect’ series, featuring tracks from Stephan Bodzin, Tale of Us, Jeremy Olander, Alex Niggemann and Pryda.

DMA hopes you enjoy this mix from yet another amazing Australian artist!

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