JSTJR is a budding talent who crafts pop-friendly African and Latin-inspired bass music. Pronounced “gesture,” this DJ/producer has quickly become the face of world bass music for some of the most successfully emerging musical genres. Mastering twerk, moombahton, and zouk bass, his productions are diverse on a literally global scale, making JSTJR a quickly rising name in many scenes.

On the eve of his debut Australian tour, JSTJR has teamed up with Australia’s most promising up-and-coming trap lords, Perth-based Command Q, who will also be the official support act for JSTJR’s Australian tour, for a beast of a track that is also a free download.

‘Gobble’ is a spastic, bubbling bass thumper showing off the fearless styles of each entity, as rattling kicks play nicely with psycho vocal loops, rolling snares and dramatic synth bass. Making it a real monster of a track!

You can listen to ‘Gobble’ below, but best of all you can also download the track for free from here.

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